Item Locations

Note: This list does not include all items in the game

Items held by Wild Monsters

Item Held By
Axe Despair Battle Ox
Big Mushroom Mys Tomato
Big Root Pumpking
Black Glasses Peten
Charcoal Lava Golem
Cleanse Tag Melchid 4
Dragon Fang Baby D
Electric Seed Thundr Drg
Everstone Volcanic S
Full Heal Inj F Lily
Grassy Seed Pumpking
Hard Stone G Soldier
Heart Scale CO Heart
Loaded Dice Skull Dice
Lucky Egg Ma Ryu Ran Ryu Ran
Magnet Beta TMW Alpha TMW
Metal Coat Junk Wrior Junk Synch
Metal Powder Mimicat
Miracle Seed Jerry Bean
Misty Seed Watapon
Moon Stone T Eye Idol
Mystic Water Mystic Elf
Never Melt Ice Silent MG8 Penguin S Emperor P
None Lgdr Fish
Nugget Ruby C
Oran Berry Avian Inst Queen
Psychic Seed Ilusionist
Rawst Berry Axe Raider
Revive Revl Jam
Safety Goggles Rescue R
Shed Shell Archery G
Silver Powder Jirai Gumo
Soft Sand Uraby Little D
Spell Tag Ghostrick Swordstalk Hitotsu MG
Stardust Gurd Eatos Stardust D
Star Piece Starry NSD Meteor D
Thick Club S Pegasus
Tiny Mushroom Celtic G
Toon Stone Toon Algtr

Items in Overworld

Item Location
Toon Stone - Route 8
- Route 25
- Shadow Realm
- Cerulean City Mart (post game)
Dark Gem - Shadow Realm
Safety Goggles - Route 4
Wise Glasses - Route 3
Sitrus Berry - Route 4
Black Sludge - Route 6 (After defeating Mai)
Sticky Barb - Route 7
Zoom Lens - Route 8 (After defeating Brendan/May)
Snowball - Seafoam Island
Icy Rock - Seafoam Island
Ice Gem - Seafoam Island
Choice Scarf - Seafoam Island
Sharp Beak - Route 9
Smooth Rock - Route 9
Ability Pill - Route 10 (After defeating Green Kaiba)
- Seafoam Island
- Duelist Kindgom
- Cerulean Mart (After defeating DM League)
Grip Claw - Route 10 (Rare Hunter Base)
Poison Gem - Route 10 (Rare Hunter Base)
Binding Band - Route 10 (Rare Hunter Base)
Exodia Right Leg - Route 10 (After defeating Boss)
Wide Lens - Route 10 (After defeating Boss)
Poison Barb - Route 10 (Rare Hunter Base)
Lagging Tail - Route 11
Scope Lens - Route 12 (After defeating Mind Controlled Joey)
Red Card - Route 12 (Cut required)
PP Max - Route 12 (Near cave)
Twisted Spoon - Route 14 (Held by gift Jinzo)
Psychic Gem - Route 14 (After defeating Espa Roba)
Destiny Knot - Route 14
Shell Bell - Route 15
Focus Band - Route 15
Flame Orb - Route 15 (Route connector, 2nd floor)
Amulet Coin - Route 16 (Oak Aide)
Silverpowder - Route 16 (Show bug catcher card with max happiness)
Leftovers - Route 16 (After clearing Big Shield Gardna)
Normal Gem - Route 16
Grass Gem - Route 21
Damp Rock - Route 21
Water Gem - Route 24 (Surf required)
Absorb Bulb - Route 24
Muscle Band - Route 25
Bug Gem - Bond Bridge
Heat Rock - Pokemon Tower Top Floor
Cleans Tag - Pokemon Tower
Electric Gem - Power Plant
Orichalcos Stone - Cape Bring (After defeating Rafael)
Eviolite - Celadon City (Rooftop)
Damage Reducing Berries - Celadon City (Hotel)
EV Berries - Cerulean City (Mart)
Float Stone - Cerulean City (EV House Space Mambo)
Choice Specs - Cinnabar Island
Black Belt - Saffron City (Fighting Dojo)
Choice Band - Silph Co
Fighting Gem - Silph Co
Eviomite - Silph Co
Rocky Helmet - Rock Tunnel
Rock Gem - Rock Tunnel
Black Glasses - Rocket Hideout
Power Herb - Rocket Hideout
Cell Battery - Rocket Hideout
Punching Glove - Saffron City (Fighting Dojo)
Fairy Gem - Safari Zone
Quick Claw - Safari Zone
Terrain Extender - Safari Zone
Air Balloon - Fuschia City (Little Boy)
White Herb - Fuschia City (Konami Tower F2)
Expert Belt - Duelist Kingdom Prize
Focus Sash - Fuschia City (Konami Tower F3)
Eject Button - Fuschia City (Konami Tower F3)
Life Orb - Fuschia City (Konami Tower Top Floor)
Soft Sand - Mt Moon
Covert Cloak - Pokemon Mansion
Ghost Gem - Pokemon Mansion
Dragon Gem - Pokemon Mansion
Pixie Plate - Pokemon Mansion